Monday, November 3, 2008

And one more post...

Josiah has been doing such a wonderful job lately with speaking.  It seems like language is really starting to take shape-- yippee!  Here are some of the words that he enjoys using right now:

bob (veggie tales character)
pop (for popcorn-- just introduced him to it, and he is hooked)
sissy (sounds more like "ditty")
juice ("duce")

It is so fun to hear your child say his/her first words-- yeah Josiah!!!

And Evelyn is officially sitting up on her own.  She will be going for her 6 month check-up on Friday, so I will type out all current stats then!  Until then... have a great rest of the week everyone!

Bath Time...

I have been meaning to post some bath time pics of Josiah and Evelyn.  Josiah very much enjoys having his little sis join him for baths now... even though he can pester her a little too much... as you will see in the pics.

Pumpkin fun...

A few weeks ago we visited my sister down in Indy and took the kids to an apply orchard for their fall festival.  We enjoyed the really tasty apples-- the "Crispin" variety was excellent-- I'll have to remember to get more of those next year!  We attempted to get some pics of Josiah among the pumpkins, but sometimes he just isn't in the mood to stand around.  They also had a blown-up activity thing that he enjoyed bouncing in...

It's been awhie...

Sorry for the long time since my last post... I'll try to stay more consistent in my postings from now on!!!  Well, I'll catch everyone up on the latest and greatest events, and work my way back from there.  This past Friday we went to a party at our friends' house-- the Jordan's-- they live on a nice piece of land out in the country.  Since we are not (and they are not) really in to Halloween, they invited us and several other families over for a party.  It was a great time-- food, fellowship, campfire, and lots of activites for all the kids.  They hand-made a pumpkin pinata, and all the kids-- from the youngest to the oldest could take a whack at it if they wanted.  Josiah (assisted by daddy) had a total of 6 whacks at the thing.  I would think that with his active gusto that he displays at home, he would really get into hitting it.  However, he mainly just showed a huge grin, looking at everyone looking at him, and gave some gentle taps.  He enjoyed it though, and we are expecting a harder hit next year.  He also enjoyed throwing bean bags into buckets to get candy as a prize.  Yes-- he really enjoys his candy.  Unfortunately, we have no pictures to show... wish we did!