Monday, July 18, 2011

The small things...

I overheard a young mom talking to a more seasoned mom today about writing down the little things that happen throughout the day-- especially what your kids say and do, so that they can look back over it when they are older. I *really* want to be more consistent with this, so I am picking myself up and dusting myself up and trying again! So here we go...

Josiah just turned 5!! Ahh! My baby is 5. I made him a Lighting McQueen cake and he threw a ton of sprinkles on it. He wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting-- a man after my own heart! We tried to light these color candles, but they wouldn't hold a flame, so we had a "3" and a "2" candle that we put together on the cake to add up to 5. So clever are we. :) He got a new bike and we are trying hard to learn to ride it without training wheels. Evelyn is also close to learning to pedal her bike. It is fun to see them reach these milestones. But anyway, in short he loves wrecks, messes, money, collections of anything, anything of daddy's, stories (to tell them and be told them), and his sisters (most days).

Evelyn is now 3, and today was a bit rough. She is the sweetest little thing, but she is also my most thick-skinned/hard-headed little child. I often have to ask her over and over to do or not do something. But, she loves her brother and sister very much (she really looks up to Josiah). She loves to help and do little "mommy" things. She is a sweetie. She still has long, sweet curls that get all the attention wherever we go. :) Today in the car she said out of the blue, "I love my daddy." So we called daddy and let him know that. Those little things melt your heart. She also likes to say uncoerced "Thank you, Mommy," and "Thank you, Daddy," at the dinner table.

Rebekah will be 10 months old in 2 days-- on our 9 year anniversary! Her middle name is true to her nature-- she brings much joy to our lives. She has been a wonderful baby-- she also loves her siblings, but can become quite concerned when they hover all over her. She really loves it when I carry her around and Josiah or Evelyn is following behind us--then she really starts to giggle. She loves her daddy to pieces too. She is usually always the first of the kids to greet him at the door. She makes a b-line for the door with a cute little scoot/crawl. She likes to keep one leg in a bent position and use the other one to move herself. She certainly has daddy wrapped around her little finger.

I am going to try desperately to start updating this again regularly. I must!