Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I love... 10/2/11

Here are the moments of love and laughter I have enjoyed with my children these past couple of weeks:

* Saying to me, "Please stop saying that mom-- it is making my eyes twinkle!" (I kept repeating this sound he didn't like!)
* Letting Evelyn get the newspaper this morning-- I had asked him to get it but she really wanted to so he let her. Love seeing unselfishness!!
* Doing a wonderful job memorizing scripture-- even knowing the book/chapter/verse!
* Reading his first book to us-- a "Bob" book-- he is doing great! And he is very proud of himself!
* Bravely riding Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain at Disney World-- and loving it!!

* Doing twirl after twirl after twirl in numerous dresses and skirts. She loves twirling right now!
* Repeating "Jesus never sleeps or slumbers"-- Jason taught her that verse to help her not be scared at night.
* Talking about how she loves people-- "I love daddy." "I love Charles." "I love Laura." Too cute-- and it is often out of nowhere that she says it!
* Asking "Do you love my curls?" Oh yeah! And when asked who made them, she says, "Jesus did!"

* Being such a little ham and giving so much joy-- I can tell she will be making us laugh through the years.
* Crawling backwards towards Jason but frontwards towards me-- explanation?! LOL!
* Throwing fits when she has to get out of the bathtub with Evelyn-- she only does this when she is with her sister/brother, not when it is a bath by herself!
* Always greeting Daddy at the door with lots of love-- she is always glad to see her Daddy. :)