Thursday, October 9, 2008

"NO": It's official!

Well, Josiah is officially in the "No" stage. Do this please... "No". Come with me... "No." Do you want some of this..."No." So, we are now in the "NO" phase. However, he does say "NO" really cute! And this morning was my first parent/teacher conference with his preschool teachers! They said that he always has a smile on his face all the time, even when he is doing things he is not suppose to be doing-- like pulling a little girl's braids! He's already flirting with the girls! Also, they said that he is a big "watcher"-- he is just so interested in watching what everybody is doing, including potty time. They said that he will just stand there and stare when another little child is on the toilet. Once a little child was wiping their behind, and they said he even tilted his head just right so he could watch them wipe!!!

And Evelyn... her personality has REALLY been coming out in the last week or so. She is often reaching for anything out of curiousity, including mommy's food. So I often try to hold her out of arm's reach. She doesn't like that at all, and starts squirming and fussing because she isn't getting what she wants! She had a check-up today, and she weighs 14 lbs! She's a petite little thing (but tall-- 25 inches!).

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