Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's been a loooonnnnggg time...

I really didn't mean to wait 3+ months before updating this blog again. :( Well, I have quit a bit of updating to do. Hmm... well, Evelyn is 11 months old very soon, and Josiah is a few months away from being 3! They are both just as sweet as can be. Josiah loves Thomas the Train and Sesame Street right now. He is always asking to watch the videos. He currently wants a Thomas the train cake for his birthday, but we'll see if that changes between now and his birthday. His language is really exploding right now, which is exciting. Seems like he is constantly learning new words. He is still being quite a pest towards his sister right now. I often find him locking her into wrestling-type moves. He has just started becoming a lot more affectionate. He is saying "I love you" and "Thank you, Mommy." He likes hugging me more, which I am glad-- since he wasn't much of a hugger up to now! The other day he was playing in his room, and then he came out to get me because he needed my help connecting part of his car track. I helped connect them, and of his own will he said "Thank you, Mommy!" It was so sweet! Before bed we read him Bible devotional stories, and then sing songs. His favorite songs are the "Gum Song" and the "Choo Choo Song"-- I made both of them up, but he likes them anyhow! :) He is also *very* persistent right now when he wants something. He will ask for it over, and over, and over, and over until I get it for him. It can get quite... frustrating. Especially when he sees that I am getting for him-- like a sippy. He sees that I am making it for him, and yet I am just not fast enough or something. And one last thing I'll write about him. He sometimes plays Mr. Bashful (especially when we ask him to say hi to someone he might not know). He flirts those little eyes upwards and bats his eyelashes. Too cute. Just want to scoop him up and give him kisses!

Evelyn is doing well-- she will take a step before falling to her knees. She is so close to walking! It is hard to believe my baby girl is almost a year old. She is babbling like crazy. I so want to know what she is wanting to say! :) She is almost 16.5 pounds. For a couple weeks she had a great appetite and gained almost a pound. Her appetite has slowed down again, perhaps from teething. Hopefully it rebounds again. All tests done so far have come back normal. Looks like her slow weight gain has no medical reason. She is so beautiful-- she has the greatest smile that just warms your heart. I love my children so much! Josiah gets a bit frustrated with Evelyn every now and then, because she is interested in playing with all of the toys he plays with. So she often picks up the track he so carefully put together, making big brother quite upset. It will be great when they can play "nicely" together (does that exist?)!

Okay, hopefully I can get back on board now with frequent updates, and it won't be months until the next one!

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Amanda said... fun to read this and hear a bit of your little life with your sweet ones!