Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's about time!!

Life just has a way of going by so fast... and another month has passed since my last entry! Evelyn is now 13 months old and Josiah will be turning 3 in just a couple months! Evelyn is close to running-- those skinny little legs walk as fast as she can make them! She is a busy little girl. She is getting into most of the things that Josiah got into at this age, such as taking books off the bookshelf and pulling stuff out of the trash can (yuck!). She is babbling quite a bit, and is trying to repeat sounds that we make, such a book, squirrel, puppy etc. She also tried to copy mommy and daddy tonight as we were whistling. She looked so cute doing it-- of course there was no whistle, just air coming out! She usually likes to either be in Josiah's room playing with all of his toys, or at mommy's side. One of her favorite things to do is play with the dryer-- she'll remove the lint trap, take out the lint, etc. So whenever I am over doing laundry, there she is with me! Today she got a hold of my cell phone, and she was just babbling on and on about who knows what! If only we knew what our children were thinking at this age! I'm sure there is so much they are wanting to express but just can't.

Josiah is getting to be a little boy now, and not so much of a toddler, even though he still seems to have the "terrible 2's" tantrums every now and then. He likes to help out a lot more-- he tries to feed sis some of his food or drink, and will help her get something that she has dropped. He enjoys tummy time with mommy. He is quite fascinated with my belly, and he likes it when we pull up our shirts so that our bellies are showing, then he puts his belly on mommy's belly. He can lay there on mommy's belly for quite awhile-- it's comforting to him, I guess!! Within the last few days his latest word has been "What?" For example, "Come here, Josiah." "What?" (As in, what do you want?) We can repeat this exchange several times. I'm guessing I say this quite a bit and he is copying me or something! Josiah is still playing a lot with his Thomas trains. He just loves his trains. I am hoping to find a good deal on a train table soon. It will be nice to have all of his tracks up off the floor!

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