Saturday, October 3, 2009

Silly Sayings

Josiah is at the age where we hear so many funny comments coming from him. I love this time-- he makes me laugh quite a bit! I wanted to record some of these sayings so I don't forget them!

* One morning he says: "Gotta go get some work done. Gotta go to school and get some work done." (He often hears me say that Daddy is at school getting work done!)

* While riding in the car, I said that we should call Daddy and see how he is doing. Josiah says, "Don't bug him."

* While eating lunch one day, he says (in reference to eating the food): "Bigger and stronger, basketball high to the sky!" (He knew that he needed to eat in order to get bigger, stronger, and throw the basketball high to the sky.)

* He was fairly new to potty training when he started his second year of preschool. We were reminding him that he needed to tell the teacher if he needed to pee or poop. So, on the way to school with Daddy, Josiah keeps reminding himself: "I need to tell the teacher if I need to pee. I need to tell the teacher if I need to pee..." So Jason says, "And poop too!" And Josiah says, "And pee!"

* While riding in the car, Josiah picks up something to read (I think it was a phone directory). He says, "Mommy, are you listening?" I say that I am, and he says "Good-- you get candy if you listen." I say I would like that! He says, "When we get home-- you get candy when we get home." (I am often telling him that candy or gum is at home, and not with me in the car!)

* He is sitting on the couch one day and I ask if I can sit down. He says, "Yes, may I can!" (Too cute when they get their grammar all messed up at this age!)

* At least a couple of times now lately he has looked at a picture of himself and said "Too cute!"

There will be more to come-- I got some cute pics of Evelyn eating yogurt this afternoon!

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Tom said...

Hi Taylor. great pictures. Love you and fam.