Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catching up...

It has been a busy last couple months with moving, graduation, and the holidays. But I will be trying to catch up over the next few days on what has been happening around here. To start, I'll begin with some Josiah and Evelyn stories.

While Josiah and Evelyn were taking a bath at Grandma and Pop-Pop's house over Christmas, Josiah was doing his own version of "This little piggy" on Evelyn's toes. Here's his version: "Popcorn... candy... popcorn... candy... popcorn, candy, candy, candy, CHICKEN!!"

Josiah and I were at gas station recently when Josiah saw someone go into the gas station. Josiah asked why he went inside, and I told him that he might have wanted to get a pop. Josiah asked, "Or juice?" Yes, maybe juice. "Or milk?" Maybe milk. "Or Noodles!!"

Yesterday we were heading home from the grocery store with some free balloons. Josiah somehow rolled down his window, so the balloon of course flew out the window. Josiah started crying hysterically and was holding on to the string tightly, trying to get the balloon back inside. I was on the highway, so I couldn't help him get it back inside. All I could think of to do was roll up the window. The ballon stayed outside our window for about 2 miles, but then broke from the string and flew away. We don't have much luck getting our balloons home. Oh well. It was probably funny to see a car driving down a busy highway with a balloon outside its window.

Evelyn is starting to say more words, like baby, mommy, daddy, Josiah, and most other words she will attempt. One phrase she says is "Me-Mu". It took awhile to figure out that this is what she says when she wants you to pick her up. :)

Yesterday Josiah and Evelyn both got their flu vaccinations. It has been awhile since Josiah has gotten a shot, and he really played it up (like his mommy does.) He was walking around like a little old man-- limping really carefully. He dropped something and asked for me to pick it up-- "I can't bend over-- I got a shot!" Thankfully, he had a miraculous recovery once we arrived at Chickfila.

I was saying goodnight to Josiah and told him, "Good night, sugar!" He replies, "Good night sugar too, Mom!"

Recently Josiah has been wanting to have "talks" before bedtime. The last several nights he has talked about everything that lives in the water. "Sharks live in the water. Goldfish live in the water. Alligators live in the water..." He has quite a list. One night he was listing everything and added something that actually doesn't live in the water: "Sharks, fish, jelly fish, jelly doughnuts..."

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