Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catching up

It has been so long since I have posted-- life just gets ahead of you. I just keep putting this blog off with all of the other daily business of life getting in the way, and then before I know it several months have passed! I also get so overwhelmed by all of the stuff that I have not written about yet, and so I just avoid the blog!! So, I guess it is time to just "let go" of all the small things I have not written about yet, and just move on. So here is a quick update:

I am 8 months pregnant with our baby girl-- we are trying to decide on a name, but it is proving to be hard this time around! Josiah just turned 4-- he is a very active little guy, still saying lots of funny stuff. Evelyn turned 2 in April, and she is just a little cutie. Loves to dance and sing (especially loves Miss Pattycake right now) and has excellent vocabulary. She and Josiah frequently get in fights, even though I know they love each other. She still loves her little baby (dirty as it is-- and she never keeps the clothes on it!), and I think she will really love her new little sister. We also moved into our first house at the end of June. Many things need to be done to it is still (lot has been done already) but slowly things will come together. We have now lived here in Virginia for 8 months. It is beginning to feel more like a home to us. I have been trying to get together for playdates with other moms from our church, and it sure does help to form those friendships. Jason is also taking part in a men's meeting at our church every Saturday, and I know he is found that to be invaluable.

Here are some sayings I wanted to write down that Josiah has said recently:

"When I was really little, I got married, and Daddy was upset." (???? What is he thinking???!!)

(We were talking about "Junior" and how you are usually called junior when you are little): "So, when you are little you are junior, and when you are big you are Josiah!"

He was reading to me the story of Adam and Eve recently, and instead it sounded like he was saying "Madam and Leave!"

Hopefully I can stay up to date with this blog from here on out. I really want to keep these memories here so I don't forget them!!

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Jason said...

I guess we have the name taken care of.