Monday, April 27, 2009


Today was the teacher appreciation luncheon for Josiah's preschool.  One of Josiah's teachers was chosen to give a little inspirational talk.  She started out with some funny stories from their classroom.  She talked about a little boy that came up to her and said "I biggirls." (That's what it sounded like to her.)  "I biggirls."  She knew that couldn't possibly be what he was saying, so she asked him to show her.  He stuck his finger up his nose and said, "I biggirls, see?"  I automatically thought it was Josiah who said this, but I wasn't sure.  This evening we were driving home from Chikfila, and I told Jason this story.  He said he really didn't think it would have been Josiah.  So I decided to test him. 

"Josiah, say 'Boogers'." 


Laughter.  "Biggirls."  More laughter.  "Biggirls!!"  The more we laughed, the more he said it.  Well, now we know it was him!  :)

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