Monday, April 13, 2009

One more Easter Pic...

Had to include a picture of Josiah in his bunny ears that he made at preschool.  Isn't he cute?  :)

In other news, Evelyn is officially a walker now.  She is a couple weeks away from being 1 year old!  Can't believe it!  She made her first steps a couple weeks ago, and has steadily been getting better.  I think she enjoyed the new challenge.  She is also displaying a big personality, and she lets you know when she is not liking something.  The other day I was playing with a toy of hers.  All of sudden she stares me in the face and does her little frustrated growl sound-- telling me to get you hands off, MOM!  I want to play!  She also displays this frustrated growl when she is trying to get to me, but has something in her way.  So I hurry and move the obstacle in her path, and she is happy again.  She is very sweet, but I am starting to believe that her brother has met his equal!  She is going to give him a run for his money.  Evelyn is also doing better with eating, but her drinking has been our biggest concern lately.  She just doesn't care about getting the liquids.  That is our biggest prayer concern for her right now.  

Josiah is continuing to improve in his language.  I really need to get some cassette tapes and record him talking.  It is so cute to hear.  Jason reads Bible stories to him every night.  Josiah has the story of Jonah pretty much memorized.  Jason will start the sentence and Josiah will finish it.  He says thank you quite often, which I love to hear.  It comes out "Tank oo" though.  Love it.  At bedtime, he loves for me to sing songs about Thomas the Engine, and Lightning McQueen.  I make up the songs (I never remember what I sang the night before, so they are new every night), but he loves them anyway.  He is so sweet.  Love me children!!

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Amanda said...

oh my cute are your kiddos! we seriously need to get together sometime soon.