Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It is all because of the Haircut...

Today was a rough day.  Josiah was into everything and anything!!  Here's the list:

* There was a box of crayons on top of the microwave.  He pulled a chair over and ended up dumping all the crayons out.
* He took a magenta-colored marker and scribbled (quite a bit) on the carpet.  
* I spilled a little bit of couscous (a tiny, pebbly pasta) on the floor and he had a hay-day spreading it everywhere wildly with his hands.
* I had him sitting at the table with his markers.  I am fixing dinner, and when I look at him a minute or so later, he has bitten the blue and black marker tips out of the markers-- he has marked all over his arms with the black marker and there is marker all over his mouth.  Thankfully, it is very washable (thanks Crayola!)
* He of course wouldn't leave sis alone on several occasions, which led to several time-outs. 
* He got into a bottle of dawn on the countertop and spilled a nice puddle of it on the floor.
* He bit into a lovely rotten apple on an outing at the park across the street (that was just gross)
* At the same park, I thought he was following behind me as I was pushing the stroller.  When I look back, I see that he has found an old fast-food cup on the road, has taken the lid off, and has the straw in his mouth.  Nasty.

Now why was it a rougher day than usual?  Well, I cut his hair this morning.  According to Jason's mom (hi Angie!), boys act up when they get their hair cut.  At least, both Jason and Eric would act up, so I guess he is at least continuing the tradition.


Scott said...

We're not going to let Josiah hang around Noah if he teaches him this kind of stuff! :) Looks like you had a fun day... I bet you're glad to have him off to preschool and a few hours of freedom each week!


Jason said...

That's my boy!!!